Hood, Duct, Fan and Filter Cleaning

We clean your kitchen exhaust system to NFPA 96 standards, will tag your hood as proof of legal compliance and will even submit proof to your insurance provider if needed. (Yes! We also clean Smokers and BBQ pits)


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a la carte services and pricing

Between services we can provide a filter service, fan cleaning or appliance cleaning without charging for a full hood service. The other guys usually charge full rate reguardless.

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Maintenance, Repair, installation

We repair and replace fans, belts, motors, bearings, stainless paneling. lights globes, fixtures, filters etc.




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Patio, Driveway, Parking, Dumpster area cleaning

We make your drive thru concrete, kitchen entrance, dumpster area and brick walls look like brand new. We can also clean metal panels, most siding, rubber roofing, etc.

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High Temperature Pressure Washing

We employ an industrial steamer capable of over 300℉ (to melt grease), with pressures in THOUSANDS of psi (to chisel away carbon). This is strong enough to "bleach" and even slow cut concrete, some of the other guys' units were built to wash cars.

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Custom service scheduling

Of course you can call anytime your volume becomes unexpectedly higher or you need maintenance. But we also maintain your personally recommended cleaning schedule and remind you of an upcoming service. One less thing to have to remember.

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Professionally cleaned

Required by insurance (Must be tagged by certified professional)
Fire Codes (including NFPA 96) require this
You don't want a fire, OSHA or Workers Comp troubles
Greatly extend the life of your system
The Fire Marshall WILL ask you if they visit


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